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Online Banking Security

Our Online Banking System brings together a combination of industry-approved security technologies to protect data for the bank and for you. First Federal Bank’s Online Banking features a password-controlled system entry, a VeriSign-issued Digital ID for the bank's server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a router loaded with a firewall to regulate the inflow and outflow of server traffic. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt your log-in credentials and account information over the Internet. As a safeguard, you may only access your account if you have registered for Online Banking.


Secure Access and Verifying User Authenticity

To begin an Online Banking session, the user must key in an Access ID and a password. Our Online Banking System uses a "3 strikes and you're out" lockout mechanism to deter users from repeated log-in attempts. After three unsuccessful log-in attempts, the system locks the user out, requiring a phone call to the bank to verify the password before re-entry into the system. Upon successful log-in, the Digital ID from VeriSign, the experts in digital identification certificates, authenticates the user's identity and establishes a secure session with that visitor. As an added layer of protection, we have implemented a Multi Factor Authentication system that requires you to provide an answer to a challenge question that only you know.

Secure Data Transfer

Once the online session is established, the user and the server are in a secured environment. Because VeriSign has certified the server as a 128-bit secure server, data traveling between the user and the server is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. With SSL, data that travels between the bank and customer is encrypted and can only be seen by you. When the session is complete, the whole process starts over again when the user begins a new session.

Router and Firewall

Requests must filter through a router and firewall before they are permitted to reach the server. A router, a piece of hardware, works in conjunction with the firewall, a piece of software, to block and direct traffic coming to the server. The configuration begins by disallowing ALL traffic and then opens holes only when necessary to process acceptable data requests, such as retrieving web pages or sending customer requests to the bank.

Secure Forms

Information you provide to First Federal Bank through the use of a secure form is encrypted. You can verify that your web session is secure by checking for a small lock symbol that may appear in the top address bar or lower corner of the browser window. You may also look for the letters “https://” in the website URL. If the URL contains an “s” this means that your website connection is secure.

Contacting First Federal Bank

Emails sent through the First Federal Bank website are not secure. We ask that you do not send personal information such as your account numbers or social security numbers through email. If you wish to speak to someone about your account, you may use the Secure Online Chat option within your Online Banking session to speak with a live representative or by contacting a representative at any one of our office locations during normal business hours.

Third Party Websites

This site may contain links to third party websites. These websites have no official relationship with First Federal Bank. We provide this information as a convenience to First Federal Bank visitors. First Federal Bank does not endorse or guarantee the quality or services provided by these establishments. By selecting these links, you will be leaving First Federal Bank's website. First Federal Bank does not guarantee the accuracy or content of these pages.

Privacy of Children

We respect the privacy of your children and do not knowingly collect or retain nonpublic personal information from clients under the age of thirteen unless that information is provided to us by an adult authorized to do so. The content of our website is not directed to children.


Our Resources page includes links to third party websites that provide information about Identity Theft, Common Online Scames, Phishing attacks and your FREE Annual Credit Report

We suggest that all Business Online users perform a risk assessment and controls evaluation periodically. Click here to receive updated information on Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Theft for Businesses from our Online Education Center.

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